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Parent Education

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Professional DevelopmentIt’s the hardest, and arguably, most important job you’ll ever have – being a parent. The earliest years in a child’s life are ones of highest potential and greatest vulnerability. Research shows learning begins at birth and unfolds throughout daily routines. Yet, formal training for parents is scarce and challenging to fit into busy schedules once on the job full time. That’s why United Way is raising awareness of the need for parent education, exploring best practices, and providing parents with educational programs to turn everyday moments with their children into learning opportunities.

Parent Education Workshops

United Way provides parent workshops on a wide range of early education topics to help inform and guide today's parents. Any school, business, community group, or organization can host a parent education workshop which can be tailored to a group's needs and interests. Our workshops offer research-based and age-appropriate guidelines on a variety of topics ranging from positive behavior solutions to preparing your child for school.

United Way Born Learning®

United Way Born Learning is a public engagement campaign helping parents and communities create early learning opportunities for young children. It's designed to support parents in their critical role as a child’s first teacher and connect them to school and community resources, all with the goal of preparing children for school success. There are two tracks available: Academies, a school-based, six-month workshop series; and Communities, which enables local groups or organizations to host the series. The workshops cover a set menu of topics, including building positive relationships, early literacy, nutrition and health, how children learn, and the importance of routines. Parents are equipped with useful techniques for engaging with their children and get connected either to their local school environment or to social service supports. Click here for more information.

Preparing Tomorrow's Parents

Like with any job, parents can benefit from learning about best practices in advance – before baby arrives. Across the country, parenting education and simulation classes have been embedded in high schools, but how effective are they? In partnership with Harvard University and the Early Education Research Foundation, United Way is analyzing existing high school programs and surveying current high schoolers about their parenting knowledge. In addition, our research is delving into how parents can best nurture a child's early development. The goal is to provide a research-based curriculum that arms the next generation of parents with a basic understanding of early childhood development, setting up children for success in school and life.

Family Learning Calendar

Learning can be lots of fun! When parents actively engage with their child it builds math/science skills, language growth, motor skills, and most importantly…strong relationships. From trips to the grocery store to cooking dinner, everyday activities are packed with learning moments for your little ones. United Way Success By 6 created this calendar to help parents find the lessons – and the fun – in each day of the year as kids tackle the Read, Make, or Activity planned for that day. Download a calendar for your family to use and let the learning begin!
Download 2018 calendar
Download 2019 calendar

For More Information

For more information about our Parent Education programs, email Kathy Kwasnik or call 973.993.1160, x130.

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