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United Way Youth Empowerment Alliance

Summary of Our Work

Our future depends on our youth. Behind this simple truth is an enormous responsibility. yeavideoToday’s headlines – from school tragedies and bullying, to cases of unethical business practices – remind us of the challenges all children may face. To thrive in school and life, our children will need to have competence in an array of skills: responsible decision making, teamwork, conflict resolution, and the ability to manage emotions, to name a few.

Social and emotional development is integral to ensuring our youth have what it takes to tackle tough issues with integrity, work together effectively, and contribute to their communities now and in the future. These skills have to be learned. And more importantly, schools need the resources to teach these skills in a positive environment.

United Way Youth Empowerment Alliance is providing schools with the support they need to help prepare our children socially and emotionally for the future. In order to make this happen, schools must have a positive environment. That’s where our Alliance comes in! First, we help schools evaluate their culture and climate. This work is provided by our partners at College of Saint Elizabeth. Then we work together with the schools to capitalize on opportunities to improve school climate.

The best part? Students are involved in the entire process! Research proves when students are engaged and have strong social and emotional skills, test scores increase and disciplinary issues decrease. Click here to learn more.

United Way Youth Empowerment Alliance Mission

United Way Youth Empowerment Alliance is ensuring students from kindergarten through high school have the skills and solid foundation needed to thrive emotionally, socially, physically, and academically – now and in the future.

United Way Youth Empowerment Alliance goals are to:

  • Support schools as they improve their culture and climate to create an environment where children feel safe and connected, and can thrive emotionally, socially, physically, and academically.
  • Provide connections for children to participate in their school community and cultivate social and emotional skills.
  • Convene the community around the critical dialogue of our children’s well-being.
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