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United Way Youth Empowerment Alliance

yeavideoChildren today struggle to manage the tests of life while living under the new public microscope called social media. When missing the tools they need to face high-stakes social and academic pressures, children fall into risky behaviors that can lead to catastrophic results, not just for the individual student, but for our schools and wider community. The stakes can be especially high for students from ALICE® (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) households, as they can feel the additional strain of a family’s financial pressures in their daily lives. Our youth need to learn how to stand up to negative peer pressure, face ethical challenges with integrity, and develop emotional intelligence. These are the skills that will prepare our children to succeed not only in school, but at work and in life. The evidence is clear: The foundation for children to thrive emotionally, socially, physically and academically begins with a healthy sense of well-being at home and at school.

United Way Youth Empowerment Alliance brings together entire school communities, from kindergarten through high school, to create a school environment that sets the stage for all students to achieve their greatest potential. Through our comprehensive approach, everyone is involved – students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents – because everyone has a stake in the future.

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School Culture & Climate Initiative

United Way and our partner College of Saint Elizabeth Center for Human and Social Development work collaboratively with multiple northern New Jersey school districts to tackle challenges in order to create a sustainable climate where all staff and students feel safe, connected, and engaged, and where academic outcomes improve.
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The School Support Network

The School Support Network provides a rare venue for educators and administrators to network, share best practices, and access resources. Each meeting offers a professional development workshop with a focus on improving school culture and climate.
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Student Engagement

United Way creates opportunities for youth to be empowered in their schools and communities. By convening student teams as part of our School Culture and Climate Initiative, we offer the framework for youth to implement positive change in their schools and communities.
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Tools and Resources

Our work is based on a wealth of knowledge and research on the topics of school culture, climate, and health.
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Professional Development and Workshops

We offer a variety of professional development workshops designed for school staff, parents, and community organizations. In addition, our workshop topics can easily be tailored to meet your needs.
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Awards and Recognitions

United Way Youth Empowerment Alliance activities and events are implemented with professional rigor, innovation and expertise. Our leadership in the field has been recognized by funders and by professional organizations who have selected us to receive awards and to present our work at professional and academic conferences.

To view a list of awards and recognitions we have received, as well as a list of professional conferences where we have presented.
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Meet the Team

The United Way Youth Empowerment Alliance team is comprised of talented professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.
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