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About Education

Helping Children and Youth Achieve their Potential

EducationToday’s youth are entering a complex and competitive world that requires both sharp academic abilities and practical life skills, such as teamwork, communication, and critical thinking savvy. United Way of Northern New Jersey is preparing youth to thrive by giving them vital tools for lifelong success first in school and later in the workplace.

From the notebooks and pencils they need to write their first words to the guidance of mentors who help them weather adolescent challenges, United Way ensures that children’s basic needs are being met, their experiences at child care centers and schoolsarepositive and instructive, and parents are actively involved in their development.

Support for Early Childhood

The interactions children have with their parents, caregivers, and teachers in their first years are critical to their social, emotional, and intellectual development. United Way of Northern New Jersey is working to create communities where safe, effective, and affordable quality programs are available for all children, especially those from ALICE® (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) families. We want to ensure children receive the foundation needed to prepare them to enter kindergarten ready to learn, saving our communities the costly game of catch-up later in life.

United Way Success By 6

The United States ranks 14th in reading skills, 25th in math skills, and 17th in science skills among 15-year-olds.

Source: OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) Study, 2010

Support for School-Age Youth

When students are given a voice in their school environment, when parents are engaged in their children’s education, and when educators are supported, children can succeed.

This is the scenario United Way of Northern New Jersey is creating by investing in our youth.  Research shows that students’ readiness for college and career can be boosted with focus on middle school activity and that the best predictors for a student’s future success are being engaged in school and feeling hopeful for the future.  We support schools in building a healthy school culture, resulting in higher academic achievement, lower disciplinary issues, and a greater sense of well-being for students.

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