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About Income

Helping People Become Financially Stable

IncomeWe all know that financial pressures put incredible stress on a person. But what may not be so evident is just how many families and individuals living in our predominantly wealthy New Jersey communities live every day burdened by the inability to make their income stretch to meet their needs.

When we dig just a little bit below the surface, we find that nearly 890,000 New Jersey households (28 percent of the state) are walking a financial tight rope as they struggle to make household payments, provide adequate medical coverage, and keep food on the table. United Way of Northern New Jersey calls these struggling families and individuals ALICE® (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed).

1.2 million New Jersey households are unable to afford basic necessities.

2014 United Way ALICE Report – New Jersey

ALICE represents men and women of all ages and races who are essential to the success of our community – child care workers, mechanics, home health aides, office assistants, and more.  These hardworking individuals provide invaluable services, while earning incomes that cannot meet the high cost of living in our area.

United Way is helping ALICE and low-income families build the foundation for a financially stable life. We are ensuring families have access to financial literacy, free services like tax preparation, and financial mentoring programs. We are also developing strategies to help individuals attain and retain jobs that pay a family-sustaining wage.

Strengthening the Financial Foundation for All

The high cost of living in our region makes it difficult to meet expenses, deal with unexpected hardships, and save for the future. United Way of Northern New Jersey is helping families set a more positive course and achieve financial independence.

United Way Gateways to Financial Empowerment

Increasing Access to Jobs with Good Wages

According to the 2014 United Way ALICE Report – New Jersey, more than half of all jobs in the state pay less than $20 an hour ($40,000 annually). United Way of Northern New Jersey provides tools for individuals that can help them obtain and maintain jobs that pay enough to cover basic necessities and build savings. We are helping ALICE and low-income families know what jobs are out there and how to get the training needed to establish their careers.

United Way Family-Sustaining Employment

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