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A Message Of Equity

From Kiran Handa Gaudioso, CEO

As the daughter of an immigrant, mother of two young adults, and an advocate for social and economic justice, I am outraged by the repeated deadly displays of racism across our country. I remain determined to be part of the change and lead our organization with a continued focus on inclusivity and equity.

I join with our United Way community not only in grieving the individual Black lives lost to lethal violence, but in committing to take action in the face of structural racism and inequality.

At United Way, we are bringing diverse people together through our Board of Trustees, staff, and volunteers to more effectively address the toughest issues that face our communities. And we are working to address the racial inequities that exist as we champion the most vulnerable households in our region — ALICE families and those in poverty.


As we work together with partners across the state to establish a post-COVID society, this United Way is focused on the most basic and critical issue of our time – ensuring economic equity and social justice for every person in our community.

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