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United In Care

How We Help

Where We’re Making An Impact

United In Care has four shared-service alliances in and around Gloucester, Hudson, Morris and Warren counties.

These regions were deliberately chosen because they are known to be child care deserts particularly for infants and toddlers, which means there is little to no access to affordable, quality child care. In 2019, 46 percent of all New Jersey residents lived child care deserts.


This work is informed by the deep relationships we have with our local community partners, many of whom participate in United In Care Steering Committees.  Click here to see the list of members.

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How We're Helping Providers

United In Care supports the professional development and business sustainability of child care providers. We have a special focus on the following areas:

  • Child development

  • Teaching strategies and curriculum

  • Social emotional development

  • Advocacy

  • Meeting the needs of all children (including those with special needs)

  • Business development

  • Technology assistance/training

  • Budgeting and finance

  • Communications/marketing

  • ESL courses

Our United In Care Academy consists of both tailored training programs created by our United In Care staff and existing training programs administered through various partnering organizations. For more information about our partners, please click on their respective logos.

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How We're Helping Families

United In Care believes every family deserves the peace of mind that their child is being cared for by a licensed child care provider without worrying about cost, and every child is entitled to effective quality early childhood child care and education.

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United In Care supports families by providing:

  • Access to quality, affordable child care

  • Access to tuition assistance

  • Access to summer programming

  • Access to healthy food and nutrition education

  • Strengthened community connections

How We're Tracking Progress

At every step throughout the project, the United In Care team is actively collecting programmatic data gathered through feedback from the participating families, centers and providers and analyzed by data experts. These key performance indicators will measure results like increased capacity, increased affordability, improved wages, and better quality of care.


United In Care has partnered with BCT Partners of Newark to create an interactive dashboard that will provide reporting, visualization and insight into United In Care’s progress.


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Coming Soon!
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