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Community Connections

Building A Stronger Essential Workforce

At United Way, we believe that providing children with a quality early education and bolstering family caregivers supports a stronger workforce today and into the future.

When ALICE doesn’t have safe, reliable child care or when caring for a loved one who is ill, frail or living with a disability means having to reduce your work duties and income, not only do individuals suffer, but the community and employers pay a high price trying to play catch-up.

At the cost of more than $12,000 annually per child, accessing a quality early childhood education center is out of reach for ALICE families, who need reliable child care in order to be productive workers. In addition, it’s the one proven investment that gives children the right start on life, setting them up to be productive, engaged, and financially independent citizens when they reach adulthood.

And studies show that unpaid family caregivers experience higher levels of depression and poor health than the general population, putting themselves and their loved ones at risk. At the same time, these caregivers are saving the health care system an estimated $470 billion.

United Way is focused on investing in the proven, cost-effective approach of prevention — keeping children from falling behind their peers and caregivers from succumbing to burnout.

Our Strategy

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Boosting resilience among unpaid family caregivers

We surround caregivers with a community of support to mitigate the varied stresses of juggling their lives and work while also caring for a loved one. Through United Way Caregivers Coalition we provide a range of free education, services, and resources to help caregivers remain healthy — emotionally, physically, and financially.


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Protecting access to quality early childhood education

United Way works to expand public preschool and strengthen the local network of child care providers serving ALICE working parents for a productive workforce today and into the future. With peace of mind that their children are cared for in a safe, educational environment, workers can focus on their jobs. And with a quality early education as their foundation, ALICE’s children can succeed in school and life.


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Our Results

Your Impact


20 Preschoolers get books to boost literacy


10 ALICE families receive free tax prep and filing services


One month of affordable early education for an ALICE family


Home technology for 5 family caregivers to help better manage work and caregiving responsibilities

We support family caregivers

I’m so glad United Way is here. Everyone should know about the help that’s available through the United Way Caregivers Coalition so other people can access it. It’s a safe place and you get really crucial information.

— Larry Abramsky, family caregiver

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