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Individual And Family Success

Building Savings, Careers, And Stability

At United Way, we believe that putting in a hard day’s work should mean that ALICE workers can afford basic bills and set aside savings to support their families on good days and bad.

Nearly one-third of northern New Jersey households are walking a financial tightrope, unable to meet expenses, deal with unexpected hardships, and save for the future. This reality has been decades in the making as the cost of basics has risen faster than the rate of inflation, but wages haven’t kept up.

In order to maximize the income families are earning, we deploy an army of expert volunteers to get back what workers are owed in tax refunds and credits and provide financial education and career coaching. We also educate our elected officials on the most effective tax, higher education, and workforce development policies for lifting individuals out of poverty and securing jobs that support a family.

And when a family faces an emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic, we provide ALICE families with a temporary safety net that helps them maintain stability as they regain their footing.

Our Strategy

Helping workers save and recoup hard-earned tax dollars

Through our free tax preparation and filing services, staff and volunteers save ALICE households the average $270 it costs for a paid tax preparer. And we ensure clients get the maximum refund and credits they’ve earned to help build savings and financial stability.


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Advocating for pro-work, anti-poverty tax policies

United Way is fighting to expand policies proven to lift families out of poverty and recognize all work, including the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Caregiver Tax Credit. We also work to protect and expand free, IRS-certified tax preparation services.


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Offering expert guidance and education in financial literacy and career training

United Way offers free financial literacy workshops, career coaching, and computer training with the help of expert partners and volunteers. Together, we train individuals in how to save and budget and guide job seekers in finding employment with stable hours and better wages and benefits.


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Providing struggling workers emergency assistance during the pandemic

ALICE families are particularly vulnerable to hardship from both illness and economic disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are helping to ensure they can pay basic bills, in order to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table and medicine needed for chronic health conditions.


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Your Impact


20 Preschoolers get books to boost literacy


10 ALICE families receive free tax prep and filing services


One month of affordable early education for an ALICE family


Home technology for 5 family caregivers to help better manage work and caregiving responsibilities

We help ALICE get optimal tax refunds

United Way helped me so much — I saved by not having to pay for my taxes to be done, and they got me money back.

— Nora, free tax preparation client

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