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Food. Rent. Health care. For 1.3 million New Jersey households, the cost of life’s basics is out of reach. Those in poverty and ALICE households living paycheck to paycheck have lost significant buying power as inflation has far outpaced wage increases. 


No matter how hard these families work, they are priced out of financial stability. 


Thanks to your support, United Way is here to help. We provided tuition assistance to parents Cherry and Gabriel Galarza so they could remain in the workforce and afford quality early education for their two sons, Julian and Matteo. In the video below you'll hear how grateful they are for the support and peace of mind that comes with knowing their boys are safe and in good hands. 


"I am extremely thankful that there exists wonderful people in this world, that there’s this program that exists ... I don't feel alone," Cherry Galarza said.

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    Note: Make checks payable to “United Way of Northern New Jersey”


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