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Making An Impact On ALICE

Dawn is a working mother who does an important job in our community. She works to connect individuals with disabilities and their unpaid family caregivers with critical government supports. She helps individuals remain in their home and local community with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Dawn deeply understands the value of this work as a caregiver to her 15-year-old son Erik, who has Down syndrome.


Until recently, Dawn considered her family middle class. They didn’t live extravagantly, but they could go on vacation and enjoy taking Erik to Broadway. But after a divorce, Dawn became ALICE. She found herself unable to afford classes for Erik, and an unexpected $1,500 car repair bill meant relying on her local food pantry for groceries.


Dawn was referred to our United Way as she was searching for home technology that could help her remain in the workforce and keep Erik safe and promote his independence. In this video, Dawn shares how United Way’s assistive technology program made all the difference for her and Erik.