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Making An Impact On ALICE

Gabriel and Cherry are young, hardworking parents with two little boys, Julian and Mateo. When the pandemic hit, Gabriel, a wedding photographer, saw his business and income dry up. Cherry works in the insurance industry, handling claims. As an ALICE family, they couldn't survive on Cherry's salary alone.


So, in order for Gabriel to go to work, and Cherry to continue working, the couple needed access to affordable, quality child care. They made too much money to qualify for government assistance, yet couldn't afford the high cost of child care.


Luckily, Cherry and Gabriel are located in Warren County, where our United Way is operating United In Care, a pilot program with the goal of increasing access to quality, affordable and flexible child care. Part of the grant-funded program includes financial assistance for ALICE families.


Gabriel and Cherry applied, and were approved for much-needed tuition assistance, which has allowed them to continue working while Julian and Mateo are being taken care of by Alicia, one of our United In Care providers.

Meet Gabriel and Cherry, recipients of United In Care's tuition assistance program
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