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Meet Women United Member Cindy Chiarella

United Way Women United member Cindy Chiarella believes in commitment. When advocating for hardworking families, she goes all in. That’s why she is part of Women United. This sisterhood enables her to work with like-minded women committed to building a better community – one where everyone can afford to save for an emergency, access health care, and give their children a quality, reliable early education.


Each Women United leader has a different story, but they all share one mission – helping families living paycheck to paycheck – people we call ALICE. In joining Women United, they collectively help ALICE families rise.


When women unite in purpose, we create meaningful change. Women United hosts engaging events throughout the year, offering unique volunteer and networking opportunities with the ultimate goal of helping ALICE families rise. Join one of our events.


May Women United Trivia: What’s your favorite spring day activity? “Kayaking!”

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