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Meet United Way Women United Leader Michele Dreiblatt

Updated: Mar 5

When Michele joined United Way of Northern New Jersey ten years ago, she was thrilled to be part of a group making a positive impact on the lives of thousands of individuals living paycheck to paycheck. She recognizes that these workers, who we call ALICE, are essential to the fabric of our society.

That’s why she believes in the power of our local Women United, a 120-member sisterhood transforming lives in northern New Jersey. Through Women United, women can join together and network with like-minded professionals to help those in need, accomplishing goals and leaving as friends.

Hear what she has to say about why people should join Women United.

Michele especially loves when Women United members get together to help ALICE families. Women United members meet throughout the year for unique volunteer opportunities, allowing them to make a direct impact in the lives of individuals in northern New Jersey. Michele said: “Harvesting food for those in need on a hot sunny day feels right. So does making soup, gifting for the holidays, and looking out at a sold-out crowd at our Rise and Shine signature fundraiser!”

When women unite in purpose, we create meaningful change. Since 2015, Women United has raised over $1.4 million to help ALICE families, funding access to quality, affordable child care, financial education, and more.

Michele is one of the powerhouse women you will meet over the next few months. Hear members share why they joined Women United. Then, become a Women United member today! Help us meet our three-year goal of raising $1 million to help ALICE rise!

November Women United Trivia: What’s Michele looking forward to for Thanksgiving? “My homemade cranberry sauce and my mom's "Marshmallow Pie."”

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