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Meet Women United Member Judith Lee

United Way Women United member Judith Lee has always been surrounded by powerful women - from her grandmother, who raised 12 children in Jamaica, to the Women United sisterhood where she has been a member for over a decade. That’s why she seeks to empower families living paycheck to paycheck – people we call ALICE – so she, too, can make an impact working to change lives.


Judith recognizes the drive of this group of changemakers – “It is a great forum to engage with other women equally passionate about supporting and advocating for women.” And with a new grandchild, she feels a responsibility to pave the way for a stronger community – by supporting ALICE.


When women unite in purpose, we create meaningful change. Women United hosts engaging events throughout the year, offering unique volunteer and networking opportunities with the ultimate goal of helping ALICE families rise. Join one of our events.


June Women United Trivia: Share one piece of advice you’d give to your 20-year-old self. “Don't let fear of failure keep you from taking on a new challenge. Failure is the greatest fuel for success.”

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