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Book Buddies

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Book Buddies

Impacting The Lives Of Early Learners

The lack of quality learning experiences can limit a child’s future potential, especially those who are most vulnerable — the children of ALICE and poverty-level families already struggling to afford the basics. By providing early literacy opportunities, we can help promote academic readiness. And when children show up ready to learn, it sets up a solid foundation for future success in both school and life.


You can help! By volunteering with United Way of Northern New Jersey as a Book Buddy, you can share your love of books and reading while making an impact in the lives of children throughout our region.


Get Involved

As a Book Buddy, you will be recording yourself reading a children’s book. Recordings will then be made available to our nonprofit partners, local preschools, Head Start programs, family care providers, child care centers and ALICE families. Volunteers of all ages can participate.


To get started, click here to register. Then, download the Book Buddies Toolkit, which goes over the entire process, from choosing an appropriate book to recording yourself reading it.


If you have any questions after reviewing the Toolkit, email Lisa Galonardo or call 973.993.1160, 503.

Stories For Ages 2-4