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Meet Women United Member Donna Barker

Updated: Mar 5

For over two years, Donna has contributed to making meaningful change in the lives of women and families on the brink of poverty. “If you are looking for an opportunity to give back, be part of a group of esteemed, smart, and accomplished women who care, don’t hesitate [to join Women United],” said Donna.


United in Purpose, members of Women United are driven to create change for thousands of individuals living paycheck to paycheck - people we call ALICE. Together, they have fun, network, give back, and are part of something meaningful – all at the same time.

When women unite in purpose, we create meaningful change. Women United hosts engaging events throughout the year, offering unique volunteer and networking opportunities with the ultimate goal of helping ALICE families rise.


Become a Women United member today! Help us meet our three-year goal of raising $1 million to help ALICE rise!

December Women United Trivia: What’s Donna's favorite winter tradition? “Seeing the tree in NYC and spending more time at home with my family baking traditional family recipes.”

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