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Beginning February 1, 2022, United Way of Northern New Jersey will once again provide FREE and secure virtual tax preparation for ALICE individuals and families and those in poverty to ensure the health and safety of all during tax filing season.

Our tax preparation program ensures our clients can safely continue to receive free IRS-qualified tax preparation during the pandemic. During tax filing season, those without sufficient knowledge of tax laws or the resources to hire a tax preparer can be at a disadvantage. Individuals and families might miss out on programs, credits, and deductions that could help lower their tax

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liability or result in a refund that could help pay down bills or create savings for future emergencies. We ensure all appropriate deductions and credits are claimed to maximize refunds.

United Way partners with Norwescap, Greater Providence Missionary Baptist Church, the IRS, and a corps of community volunteers who have completed extensive IRS training to serve as tax law-certified preparers. This service is available to individuals and families only. Businesses and landlords are not eligible for this service.

Earn It. Keep It. Save It.

From tax and savings tools to career coaching and financial education, United Way is committed to helping families on their path toward financial stability. Let’s get started!

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If you are interested in having your taxes prepared, explore the sections below to get started with the filing process and access important resources:

Insurance Consultation

File Your Taxes

A new safe and secure filing process.


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What To Upload

A checklist of essential items for tax preparation.


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Tax Tools

Taxpayer resources and tools for calculating credits and deductions.


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Question Marks

Tax FAQs

Answers To All Your Tax Prep Questions


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We Provide Critical Services for Struggling Families

This program — especially for those who are in need, who may be living paycheck to paycheck and every penny counts — this service will do you good.

— Dauna, free tax preparation client

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