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United Way Tools For School

Preparing Students For Success

As the cost of school supplies becomes more expensive – rising to an average $100 per child annually – ALICE families continue to struggle to afford just the basics. Providing necessary back-to-school supplies is an added financial hardship. If households had to choose between paying the electric bill or paying for school supplies, families are often forced to choose to keep the lights on. 


Our latest ALICE research shows that that nearly 790,000 New Jersey children — 41% — live in financially insecure households. These families often face difficult trade-offs that can affect a child’s health, education, and future well-being. 


Join United Way Tools For School and help ensure over 13,000 local students in need receive the tools for academic success. Through your donations, you can help elementary, middle, and high school students from northern New Jersey get off to the right start. 

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