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Meet Women United Member Jane Kurek

Updated: Mar 5

Jane knows the value of connecting with others. Whether making soup for families living paycheck to paycheck or enjoying the company of other women driven to create positive change, she understands that everyone at these events has a common goal – to help ALICE. Together with her Women United sisters, she is part of a global movement making a local impact.


In New Jersey, over 1,000,000 workers cannot financially support themselves and one school-age child. In joining Women United, Jane connects with other philanthropic-minded women, each energized to helping ALICE families and households below the poverty threshold rise.



When women unite in purpose, we create meaningful change. Women United hosts engaging events throughout the year, offering unique volunteer and networking opportunities with the ultimate goal of helping ALICE families rise. Join one of our events. 


February Women United Trivia: What’s the goofiest Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received? “A pig that spits out balls. Really? Do I need this in my life? The grandchildren love him, though!”

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